Wondering how #MakerKT workshops are? What better way to find out than from the ketis who have attended them!

“#MakerKT is less about being a “keti” and more about being a “maker” but having said that, it doesn’t shy away from recognizing the power of combining the two together!

I loved the environment – not just the fact that it was an all-women gang from organizers to facilitators to participants to mentors – I loved the openness of the program, the flexibility to work with participants with no prior experience of handling tools, the “let’s do this (although we may make errors the first few times)” attitude that everyone encouraged, and the way there seemed no limit to experimenting 🙂 All of this composite into one thing – a genuinely nurturing and learning space!

The impact was very much real. I had bought an extra set of wire and switch from my “glass lamp” project from the workshop. It was lying in my room. One day my extension cord’s plug stopped working for some reason. It had become rusty. So I decided to cut the top end pluggy bit off and then joined the wire+switch thing onto the cord’s end. It worked!”

Dipti Sherchan, Original 5-week workshop, June-July 2015

“If you want to feel good about yourself, be part of #MakerKT because it brings the best out of you!

I was not the participant but I felt that I was learning new interesting things everyday while working. I was overwhelmed to see the final products of the participants, their hard work, energy and how much they were enjoying what they were doing. I was very amazed to see so much energy, curiosity and positivity in the participants.

Observing and capturing their motivation in the photography of the workshop truly inspired me to take part in sharing my life experience as a motivational speaker.

#MakerKT ROCKS!”

Sudipta Karki, Photographer, Original 5-week workshop, June-July 2015

“The sound of an all women workshop made me comfortable with the idea joining the workshop to begin with. Also I used to be very intimidated with tools and just exploring with things i’m not familiar with so this was a way to get out of my comfort zone, in a relatively comfortable space, to explore make mistakes and learn. Probably the best thing I could’ve done for myself.

I wasn’t too sure how I’d grow or what I’d learn specifically. Also wasn’t sure if I would be able to do half the things that would be explored in the workshop, however a direct hands on experience with the workshop made that “mountain” climbable and me realize that I can do things way beyond my comfort zone. During the electrical workshop, I remember being scared that my electrical circuit would be faulty. At that moment I was surprised at myself for being so scared that the bulb wouldn’t light; a realization a of a deeply rooted “result oriented” attitude. The experience has encouraged me to keep reminding myself that mistakes are essential to nourish not my just skills (merely) but my attitude too.

The best thing about the workshop was the encouragement we provided to each other and the camaraderie we developed as a group. The shelf that I constructed, standing strong and tall in my room, is also a big reminder so my “can-do” attitude. Thus the solo projects was also one of the best thing about the workshop, a symbolic representation of your hard work! 🙂

Of course. The whole maker movement that was experienced through #MakerKT has deeply touched my life. I don’t consider myself inferior and believe that if I truly want to fix things I can by learning. It has boosted my confidence to try and fix problems (literal and metaphorical) on my own without relying on someone else. I fixed my own broken Chinese cupboard! I fixed my broken plug 😀 I don’t think I could’ve done this without the workshop.

I’d definitely encourage all women to join the workshop to grow more confident with themselves. This experience will truly help her be familiar with tools, technology and other unfamiliar realms that we sometimes don’t explore because we’re so intimated. Maker KT will help you battle it all out!”

Gunjan Dixit, Participant, Original 5-week workshop, June-July 2015, Home Electrical Repair Workshop, June 2016

“#MakerKT is where you can learn the coolest things that will help you so much in your life, with the coolest ladies.

My first workshop was Cycle Repair and Maintenance. I didn’t have good knowledge about cycle then although I used to ride it on a daily basis. So, before attending the workshop, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to understand everything. But the things turned out completely different. The workshop focused on basic yet very important things which were easy to grasp. Also, I loved the learning environment, very interactive and fun. It was after the completion of the workshop, I realized that #MakerKT’s workshops are literally for any lady who’s interested to learn.

The best thing about the workshops was that they were for women/girls of any age group. Also, the workshops were very interactive and hands-on and has definitely impacted me. They have helped me realize that there is nothing that I can’t do.

I am working on creating my personal website. Had I not attended the WordPress workshop, I wouldn’t have known that website can be a great way to show one’s abilities.

Looking forward to attending other MakerKT’s workshops!”

Sona Maharjan, Participant, Cycle Repair & Maintenance Workshop, December 2016, WordPress Workshop, April 2016, Home Electrical Repair Workshop, June 2016

“What attracted me to #MakerKT workshops? The topics were motivating enough – who doesn’t need to repair and maintain bicycles, build a basic WordPress blog page or fix light bulbs? I didn’t know how to do these, and then came Maker with her KT shops : ) I find electrical wires more approachable and cycle maintenance tools too.

#MakerKT workshops are good times, good vibes. Go for it!”

Shahani Singh, Participant, Cycle Repair & Maintenance Workshop, December 2016, WordPress Workshop, April 2016, Home Electrical Repair Workshop, June 2016

“The best thing about the workshop was the philosophy on which it was conceptualised, that there is no right or wrong and results are incremental and that failing is fine because you can always improvise.

I attended the first #MakerKT workshop in order to break from my usual routine. I was a bit fearful on the first day about my own ability to be creative but realised soon enough that 1) it could be learned 2) that wasn’t even the point, it was more about my individual process of getting things done.     

#MakerKT workshops are gratifying and productive. After taking the first workshop, I have started noticing how things are made/put together/built and people who make them and what goes into making those things

I would recommend you do it because making, fixing and building are intricately tied with our daily lives so knowledge and skills gained there can’t go to waste.”

Sabhyata Timsina, Participant, Original 5-week workshop, June-July 2015, WordPress Workshop, April 2016

“This one time i was in this awesome workshop for women of all fields…….you should totally join. #MakerKT workshops are a creative experience.

I took the #MakerKT workshop to learn things i had not tried before and to be part of the female maker culture. The clay workshop by Sheelasha impacted me more than anything else in the workshop. In some way, it brought me closer to my inner self, and in an artistic way.The prototyping part where we started with brainstorm of make one thing and ended of crafting something entirely different but better was the most memorable part of the workshop.

Thanks Priya and Samana for coming with this.”

Nhasala Joshi, Participant, Original 5-week workshop, June-July 2015

“I have always wanted to make website on my own. I learnt the basics of WordPress, how to update a WordPress website and the practical aspects of making a website in an easy approach during the #MakerKT workshop.

The workshop is handy and it teaches us the things on practical aspects and the organisers are amicable and helpful.”

Binita Pandey, Participant, WordPress Workshop, April 2016

“My pursuit to become a maker was unlike any I had been through so far. There was something about those metals, joining two pieces with an electrode and using a wheely device (called grinder) to smoothen the welded surface. Oh yeah! Right amount of pressure, focus, and safety gears coupled with a lot of excitement and a cheerful instructor was all I needed to get the sparkles. I do not know what makes a woman super, but after yesterday’s welding and grinding i do know what makes a KT Maker! Shout out to all the breakers and makers out there!! #MakerKT #NeverHadIEver”

Sophiya Maharjan, Participant, #MakerKT stall in KMMF 2016

“I was excited to learn about jewellery. I like that I learnt so much and the fact that you don’t have to be so formal 😬😬😂

#MakerKT workshops are awesome. Keep it up.”

Siddhika Deoja, Participant, Jewellery Design Workshop, September 2016

“Before the workshop I was worried about the problems I faced because of my vehicle and I had to take it to the mechanics for various reasons even the minor ones. But after the workshop I am so happy that I know how my scooty functions and I know its all major parts and also how to deal with the problems regarding them. By teaching me and helping me learn about bikes and scooter. I now know how they start, how they run and the types of problems they make us get into and the ways to deal with them. So it is going to make my life easier to some extent.

The workshop was ramailo. The best about the workshop was making each one of us practice on our own and also the very helpful nature of the teacher and organizer.”

Roshi Ghimire, Participant, Motorbike & Scooter Repair Workshop, May 2017

“I attended the workshop because I wanted to learn to handle my scooter independently. I was worried that I might appear stupid and awkward–because even after riding scooter for almost five years I knew close to nothing about my scooter. But I loved the peer-to-peer energy that went around in the workshop. Nothing was embarrassing with such a cool crowd. It was okay to not know and then learn soooooo many new things. What I feared would be a problem actually turned out to be an advantage–walking in as an almost empty glass because that helped me listen better.  Now I can open up my Scooter and fix it. How cool is that!

Seeing things that were right in front of me all the time and going how come I never saw that, or knew that! Also the childlike excitement that came along with each class. The classes made me realise how it had been so long since I last took up a course! And of course feeling equipped after the class with all the skills and knowledge about the scooter. I am already thinking of the next time thing I want learn. I feel so energetic.

You want to be a part of the community because it’s fun, exciting and you learn so much. Girl Power!!!

Can’t wait for the next workshop!”

Abha Dhital , Participant, Motorbike & Scooter Repair Workshop, May 2017