D.I.Y Home Electricals 2017

Understanding the electrical system in our homes and learning how to fix simple electrical problems ourselves

Exactly a year (to the day!) after our first electrical workshop, eleven different women once again gathered at 7am in the Karkhana classroom for our second electrical workshop! The six-session workshop was spread over two weeks.

On the first day, they learnt how electricty is generated in Nepal, basic electrical terms (what is watt?!) and also got familiar with tools and how to use them. They put their newly acquired tool information to use by learning how to use a tester to identify live wire vs neutral wire. They also wired up a bulb!

On the second day, they were introduced to how electricty comes into our homes from the transmission lines and the concept of earthing, three phase and single phase. We then went to look at a three-phase mcb and a single phase mcb to decipher it. They also discussed how plugs and tops come in all shapes and sizes and learnt how to wire a two-pin top and three pin top.

On the third day, they learnt about the various types of wires, their gauges, what their numbers mean and how different wires are used for different ampere of current. After that, it was time to wire up a surface socket box and test it out!

The fourth day was an informal session where they brought their broken electrical equipment from home, opened them up and tried to fix it. They also discussed possible things that go wrong with various electrical appliances and inverters and how to fix it and how to use a multi-meter. It was an extra fun and educational morning!

On the fifth day, the women got introduced to the inside of a motor and discussed possible motor problems and fixes. They then combined all the practicals of the past few sessions and wired up a lamp. On the sixth day, they designed a lampshade for the lamp and took the whole thing home 🙂

Thank you Santoshi for yet another fun, informative electrical workshop!

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