Jewellery Workshop, Part I & II

A glimpse into the two jewellery  design and jewellery making #MakerKT sessions

#MakerKT conducted a two-part jewellery workshop. In September, Aayusha Shrestha of Aamo Jewellery led the Jewellery Design Workshop where participants learned about the types of traditional and modern brass jewelleries of Kathmandu as well as the various methods of how they are made. They then went through the step-by-step process of conceptualising an idea and translating it into functional design. In the process, they also learned how to made a simple d.i.y cutting tool using an old pen, a surgical blade, a candle and a pair of pliers. By the end of the three sessions, the ketis had made a construction-paper prototype of jewellery item of their very own design using their very own cutting tool!

In November, Mamita Shrestha of Essence taught the girls how to bend, twist, cut and secure stones with wire and wax thread using simple, yet essential tools such as needle-nose pliers, wire cutters and scissors. After a weekend of very hands-on jewellery making techniques and designing, the girls went home with a piece of jewellery which they designed and made themselves.

The photos below offer a glimpse of the sessions, the girls concentrating on their designs and using simple tools to make their own pretty little trinkets. The photographs below were taken by Deepa Shrestha, Rabik Upadhayay and Priya Joshi.

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