Lalima :: The Positive Puberty Kit

Welcome to Lalima, Nepal’s very first puberty kit for young girls. It is a bucket of love, filled with things to help her welcome the up-coming changes to her body: puberty! And best of all, all the products are locally sourced, handmade, and gentle on the environment and on our bodies.

So, what’s in the bucket?

– The book “Celebrate Your Body” will tell her all she needs to know about puberty; what her body will go through, what emotions she might feel and how to take care of herself and her changing body during this time. This outstanding book is a celebration of the female body and the changes that it undergoes, written in a frank and non-judgemental tone by author Sonia Renee Taylor. It is printed in Nepal by Laibary.

– She can use the specially customised set of cloth, re-usable Lovelady sanitary pads when she begins her periods. The booklet will let her know more on how to use the pads and how to take care of them. Normal pads in the shops are full of yucky chemicals which are harmful to the environment and the body, can cause rashes and make her bleed more. However, they are convenient. So even if she uses the normal pads during school time or outside, she can use these cloth sanitary pads at home or on lighter bleeding days. These pads will last her years so if she uses menstrual cups once she gets older, these pads will make convenient liners. The pads can be hand washed or in the washing machine. They need to be soaked and washed using cold water because hot water will otherwise set the stains in.

– The five litre, super strong and durable bucket can be used to soak and/or wash used Lovelady pads or anything else.

– The bracelet from Sochai is another specially customised item which will help her keep track of her periods once she begins having them. It is important to remember that, though periods usually happen every 28 days, her timing may be different especially during the first few years.  

– These next few years are also a time for many new, strong emotions which can be hard to handle. This is why we have also included a beautiful diary made by Jheegu Handicrafts from sustainably sourced lokta paper.

– And lastly, we’ve included a super easy recipe for D.I.Y, body-friendly deodorant and some fun stickers for to use and share!

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