#MakerKT’s चंगा Party

#MakerKT’s first चंगा party

Dasain was around the corner, and this particular Maker Keti really looks forward to the westerly winds which allow for kite flying! Out of curiosity, i asked online on Facebook “Any other changa flying ketis out there? Or know of someone who can? Let me know!”. Apart from my mother and  i, i didn’t know any other woman who could fly a kite properly.

Turns out plenty of girls are really keen on flying kites, but a lot of them also they don’t really know how to fly it very well. There was enough excited chatter on the Facebook post for us to get inspired to actually organise an all-girl’s kite flying part out of it!

So on October 8th 2016, on top of Rato Bangala School’s Kamal Mani Theatre, we hosted our first #MakerKT’s first चंगा party. Around 30 women attended throughout the course of the day and we laughed, shrieked, cheered, groaned and huffed&puffed as we flew our kites! Everyone went home grinning, armed with the know-hows of threading a कका,  putting ग्वाँख, doing ठिनी and, of course, flying चंगा all by herself 🙂

The following photos are taken by Rupa Joshi, Prastuti Chitrakar, Priya Joshi and Girls In Technology members.


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