#MakerKT’s Motorcycle & Scooty Repair

A four day workshop where girls learnt about their scooties, possible problems and how to fix it

For the past year, several women had come up to us requesting that we do a workshop on motorcycle and scooty repair. These were women who had been riding for years, yet knew very little about their scooter/bike. Often times they also felt cheated by their bike mechanics who they felt were just making up stuff about their rides to charge them more. Most of them had never opened their toolkits, much less used them (several had their toolkits gone missing).

In response to this, #MakerKT organised our first Motorbike & Scooty Repair Workshop with Ambika Shrestha, our instructor, in the second week of May 2017. The workshop was comprehensive and hands-on. The women learnt about their scooter’s anatomy, the various systems and the required tools in detail. After the workshop, they now have a working knowledge about brake system, ignition system, fuel system, starting system, power transmission systems, lubrication system and electric systems. They also learnt how to identify possible problems within each of those systems, and how to fix it using which tool. They also used their tools to check the spark-plug and batteries, replace light bulbs, adjust the brakes and measure the tyre pressure! (We told you it was comprehensive and hands-on 😉 )

This workshop was possible because of the sponsorship from Honda. We had approached a number of companies, but it was Honda’s quick and enthusiastic response that blew us away. A few months earlier in a meeting, a Honda executive had expressed the company’s committment in supporting women empowerment. Their sponsorship for our initiative showed us that their committment is genuine and that the company are front-runners in adopting innovative ideas. In addition to the sponsorship, Honda also gave our participants Honda merchandise and distributed toolkits. The girls loved it. Thank you Honda 🙂

Below are photos to give you a taste of what the workshop was like. Hover your pointer over the images to see the caption. Our photographer, Deepa Shrestha from Velvet Studios, captured our workshop so well we had a hard time choosing photos. Happy scrolling!

p.s. Honda made a video of our workshop! You can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/HondaNepal/videos/1454816797872308/

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