SheEO Maker’s Market

Our first ever SheEO Series concluded with a SheEO Maker’s Market on 13th January 2018 in Yala Maya Kendra. The market featured fourteen stalls of women-led enterprises, all of whom were alumni of the SheEO Series and/or #MakerKT workshops. Some businesses were fresh out of the SheEO Series while other’s were more established businesses.

There was a rush to setup the stalls before 2pm, amidst warm sunshine!

Pretty soon, visitors started trickling in to explore the colourful stalls. There were stalls from Aji’s which featured handmade items made by grandmothers, Astamatrika Wears had a collection of handmade baby woolen wears, Bhav with their expanding inventory of stationary items, Cake9 with sample cakes and gourmet chocolates to taste, DOCHAA with their array of Nepali handmade shoes, Elina had mix of sweat suits, keychains, paintings and a very popular face-painting section, Haushala Creatives had their woolen wears and other merchandise, Junkiri had a display of their felt shoes with gleaming LEDs as well as light up accessories, Laibary had an excellent array of books, Little Things had their cards, buttons, bags and tumblers, Muskan had their ever-colourful array of bags, pompom trinklets, earrings and necklaces, Must Haves had a display of woolen wears made by their knitters in Kirtipur, Sushma, who had taken all eight workshops in the SheEO Series 2074, launched her Sprinkle Cakes Decor at the market and sold out her entire stock within two hours while Whadda Fish also had their display of posters, cards and a freshly released calendar!

We also had a surprise awards session, with some chocolates, for some SheEO alums. Sushma won Miss Sprinkle and Miss Dynamic, Elina won Amazing Smile, Samanata won Thespian Queen while Tshering won Social Media Savvy!

It was a wonderful, festive event. So many SheEOs packed within the Yala Maya courtyard, all showcasing their business poweress while being supportive of each other. The market visitors also so supportive of this diverse array of female entrepreneurs!

It has definitely given us the motivation to do more of such markets in the future!

(All photos by Sabrina Dangol)

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